Iriomote Biodiversity Study Tour

All year round, Iriomote island
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    4 days

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    Japanese or English


You will stay on Iriomote island, which is registered as a World Natural Heritage site in 2021 because of its precious biodiversity. This is a 4-day (3 night) program that offer you a unique opportunity to learn what biodiversity is and what it means to us human.

The program starts with a lecture about Iriomote’s nature at Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center. Next day, you will be taken to a waterfall and cave to feel the wonderfulness of Iriomote’s nature, then join our biodiversity monitoring survey. You will set up camera traps and acoustic devices by yourself to survey mammals and birds/bats. You will also survey shellfish and crustacean on a tidal flat, which will contribute to an inventory of the area. We offer a wildlife watching experience at night, where you can see owls, fruits bats, snakes and frogs.

At the end of the tour, you will check the camera trap images, and understand how rich the biodiversity of Iriomote is and what it means to humanity.


  • Biodiversity monitoring on the ground

    In the fast-changing world, the importance of the biodiversity is getting recognised more than ever before. Iriomote island still sustains its precious biodiversity and is an excellent example to learn about it. We keep eye on the trend of it to detect any changes that could be caused by climate change and human activity and affect our lives through various methods. You may experience a joy of field work and gain understanding of the importance of the on-the-ground monitoring through this tour.

  • Stay at an eco-tourism resort

    You will stay in one of the most eco-friendly hotels in Japan. The Iriomote hotel values the importance of the island’s ecosystem and local people, which in turn gives a special value to the hotel. They reduce single use plastic products and chemical use and corporate with local farmers. As whole you can reduce your carbon footprint during your stay.


Dec 01, 2022 – Nov 30, 2023
13 years or older, fair fitness (be able to do river trekking)
Meeting place
Ohara port (Iriomote island)
Please make a booking at least 2 weeks before the start time of your preferred tour.
*Please apply for your desired date and time via the email address below or through our “Contact us" page. We may not always be able to accept your preferred date depending on the timing of previous inquiries or national holidays. We recommend that you make your requests early to avoid disappointment.

Rain coat, rash guard/leggings, swim wear.
  • Please note that this tour is not designed to observe Iriomote cats. Basically, we will not sight them on this tour and it is extremely rare to capture them on camera traps.

  • Meal is included.

  • Part of the sales will be donated to our conservation activities.

Iriomote Biodiversity Study Tour