About our Eco Tours

We hope to show people the value of nature through our guided nature tours. We believe that if we increase the value of the forest through our non-destructive nature tours, we can preserve the lives of all the species living there in a more sustainable way.

About our Eco-Tours

Welcome to the wonder of nature

Come and explore the wonders of Japanese nature with us as we guide you through the amazing ecosystems Japan has to offer.

Encounters with nature stimulates your curiosity

The natural world is full of fascinating details and curiosities. We hope you'll be able to discover them for yourself through our tours.

Showing you how species really live

We not only hope to introduce you to the species living around Japan (as any nature guidebook would do) but also reveal to you how each species actually lives and how they all interact to form a functioning ecosystem. For example, some of our nest boxes contain tiny cameras which allows us to take a peek into the secret world of various bird species.

Understanding animal behaviour

There are many reasons behind the different behaviours and actions of each species. Understanding the "whys" makes exploring the natural world even more fun and interesting.