Eco Tour Highlights

  • Sustainable

    Participate in environmentally friendly tours.

  • Off the beaten path

    Discover rural Japan, where culture meets nature.

  • Save the environment

    Money spent on tours will go towards saving the bears.


Wildlife Night Drive in Winter

karuizawa · ¥6,500

Asiatic Black Bear Watching Tour

karuizawa · ¥22,000

Private Tour

karuizawa · Varies

Stargazing Tour on the Ice Rink

karuizawa · ¥3,100

Japanese Serow Watching Tour

karuizawa · ¥18,000


Wildlife Night Drive

karuizawa · ¥6,500


Nature Watching Tour

karuizawa · ¥2,500


Flying Squirrel Watching Tour

karuizawa · ¥3,400

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