Explore Picchio's Eco Tours

As part of our ethos to educate and spread awareness for conservation, Picchio runs an internship program between the months of April and October for overseas individuals who wish to learn more about Japanese wildlife and Japanese wildlife management systems.

About our Eco Tours

Eco Tour Highlights

  • Sustainable

    Participate in environmentally friendly tours.

  • Off the beaten path

    Discover rural Japan, where culture meets nature.

  • Save the environment

    Money spent on tours will go towards saving the bears.


Animal trail walking

KARUIZAWA · ¥5,000~

Furepe Waterfall Nature Walk

SHIRETOKO · ¥3,100

Primeval Forest & Stunning Views of Cliff Trekking Tour

SHIRETOKO · ¥5,100


Shiretoko Eagle and Wildlife Watching Tour

SHIRETOKO · ¥3,500

Rausu Whale Watching Cruise + Kumagoe Falls Trekking: Private Guide


Rausu Brown Bear Watching Cruise + Kumagoe Falls Trekking: Private Guide


Asiatic Black Bear Watching Tour

KARUIZAWA · ¥38,000

Private Tour


Japanese Serow Watching Tour

KARUIZAWA · ¥20,000~

Wildlife Night Drive

KARUIZAWA · ¥6,500~

Flying Squirrel Watching Tour

KARUIZAWA · ¥3,400~

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