Parking Map

Parking fee information


free of charge (with the exception of the fee-charging periods below)

Weekends and holidays


*Fee-charging periods: during the Golden Week holiday from late April to early May, Mid-July to 31st August, 28th December to 3rd January.


First 30 minutes

Free of charge

After 30 minutes

¥300 per hour (maximum ¥3,000)
Please check the parking lot usage regulations (Japanese only.)

Customers who spend a total of over ¥2,000 in each store (Tombo-no-yu, Picchio, Sonmin-Shokudo, HARUNIRE Terrace) can extend their free parking in the parking lot by up to 120 minutes. Please present your parking coupon in the store. In the event of a lost parking coupon, we request a ¥3,000 lost parking coupon parking fee.

Public Transportation

Seibu Kanko Bus

Departs from the North Exit of Karuizawa station. Get on the bus bound for “Karuizawa Eigyosho / Kusatsu Onsen” and get off at the “Hoshino Onsen Tombo-no-yu” bus station. 1-minute walk from the bus station. Bus fare is ¥470 one-way. Please refer to this site.

Weekday Time tableWeekend time table

Seibu Kanko Bus Stops

Shinano Railway

Get off the train at Naka-Karuizawa station, which is one station from Karuizawa station (approximately 4 minutes). From there, it is a 17-minute walk or 5 minutes by taxi. Train fare is ¥230 one-way.

Shinano Railway


Masuya Kotsu 0267-45-5223
Karuizawa Kanko Taxi 0267-45-5408
Asama Kanko Taxi 0267-45-5264

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