Shiretoko | Wildlife


From seabirds to giant eagles to the songbirds living in the forests, Shiretoko is home to a wide array of interesting birdlife. They are all able to live here due to the abundant variety of habitats and rich ecosystems Shiretoko has to offer. These various environments including steep sea-facing cliffs, grasslands, forests, lakes and wetlands all provide different bird species with necessary breeding and overwintering grounds. Shiretoko also provides vital habitat to some red-listed species such as the Stellar’s sea eagle, white-tailed eagle and the Blakiston’s fish owl. It is therefore an important place to preserve for the benefit of these declining species.

Birds living in Shiretoko

  • Stellar’s sea eagles
  • White-tailed eagles
  • Blakiston’s fish owls
  • Hazel grouse
  • Long tailed tits
  • and more…