Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Study Tour

All year round, Karuizawa
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    34,000-57,000 *Depends on the number of participants

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You will visit Picchio Wildlife Reserch Center and learn about Asiatic black bear conservation from experts.
The program starts with a lecture about bear protection management, then go out for a field study tour to several habitat points. Some bears have radio collars attached and a guide can keep track of their location. Picchio staff will point out the location where a bear is now, and besides you may come across a bear caught inside their specially designed drum traps for protection and research purpose.
At the end of the tour, you will understand how to live in harmony with wildlife.


  • Experience "the real" bear conservation

    The center has been working on bear protection management since 1998. We have developed a distinctive individual management system that is currently only applied in Karuizawa and the surrounding area. Through the lecture and field work, you may experience "the real" bear conservation.

  • Hang out with bear dogs

    In 2004, Picchio brought our first bear dog from the Wind River Bear Institute in Montana, USA, becoming the first organization to use bear dogs for conservation in the whole of Asia. The dogs have played a crucial part in reducing the number of conflicts between humans and bears, bringing the number of sightings in residential Karuizawa down from 36 to 9 in just 10 years. You may have chance to hang out with those brave hard working dogs.


Oct 01, 2024 - Mar 31, 2025
*Depends on the number of participants
1 person: 34,000 yen
2 people: 39,000 yen(total)
3people: 43,500yen(total)
4people: 48,000yen(total)
5people: 52,500yen(total)
6people: 57,000yen(total)

13 years or older
Meeting place
Picchio visitor center.
Please make a booking at least 2 weeks before the start time of your preferred tour.
*Please apply for your desired date and time via the email address below or through our “Contact us" page. We may not always be able to accept your preferred date depending on the timing of previous inquiries or national holidays. We recommend that you make your requests early to avoid disappointment.

12:50 Noon; Meeting time
1:00 PM ; Tour starts. Explain about black bear conservation in Karuizawa(indoor lecture)
1:30 PM ; Visit the "bear proof" garbage can
2:00 PM; Simulated experience of the capture and anesthesia work of the bears.
3:00 PM; Experience the radio telemetry survey
3:30 PM; Visit the bear infested place inside the Karuizawa town
4:30PM; Introduce the job of the bear dogs
5:00PM; Tour finished
Please prepare comfortable and warm clothing, and rainwear.
It is strongly recommended to wear long trousers to prevent minor injuries and wear sport shoes or trekking shoes.
・Please note that this tour is not aim to observe bears or capture them.
Basically, we will not sight the bears in this tour.
・Meal is not included.
・Part of the sales will be donated to our conservation activities.

Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Study Tour

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