Asiatic Black Bear Watching Tour

From the middle of July to the beginning of September, Karuizawa
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  • Duration

    6 hours

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    English, Japanese


In Japan, no mammal is more interesting than the Asiatic black bear. They have unique and mysterious behavior and play ecologically important roles. On this tour, we will attempt to observe the bears in the wild as they visit the slopes of Mt. Asama to feed on the abundant crowberries that grow there from the end of summer to autumn. We will hike to various observation points which offer us great views of the landscape while allowing us to watch the bears from a safe distance and ensuring that we do not disturb the bears themselves. To see an Asiatic black bear in the wild, with only the mountain’s boulders and bushes between you, would be a truly thrilling experience.


  • A new tour created by bear specialists

    Picchio has been carrying out Asiatic black bear management since 1998 with the aim of both “protecting human safety” and “keeping the bears safe from extinction”. This tour has thus been created from the perspective of bear experts and will be guided by people who have been working closely with bears for over 20 years. As well as viewing the bears in the wild, guests will also gain an introduction to our management activities which have successfully been reducing conflict between bears and people since 1998.

  • Special information, special location

    This tour visits habitats known only to our bear specialists and provides guests with up to date information on the location of collared bears using our daily tracking data.


From the middle of July to the beginning of September

※Depending on the day, a guide may not be available and the tour may not be held.
12:00pm – 4:00pm
22,000 yen per person

Tour price includes: guide fee, accident insurance, 500ml bottle of water, hiking shoe rental
Must be 13 years or older
1 group only (Maximum 5 people)
Meeting place
Picchio Visitor Center
Please apply for your desired date and time via the email address below or through our “Contact Us” page. We may not always be able to accept your preferred date depending on the timing of previous inquiries or national holidays. We recommend that you make your requests early to avoid disappointment.

Long sleeves

Warm jacket
Long pants
Trekking shoes (comfortable for walking in)
Backpack, rain gear, small towels, and drinks
Free rental items
Trekking shoes, rain gear, trekking poles, towel, backpack.

*These items are available on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve items in advance if necessary.
・It can be very cold in the field. Please prepare warm clothing beforehand.

・As the field conditions can change unexpectedly, please be aware that we cannot be responsible for or prevent any nature-related incidents. Please be aware of your own responsibility to protect yourself. Please also be responsible for your own body condition, if you do not feel well please consider cancelling the tour.

・Please come to the agreed place on time. If you are late on the day, we might give your spot on the tour to another guest.

・Cancellation is free up to 2 days before the tour. If you cancel 2 days before the tour, a cancellation fee of 20% of the tour cost will be charged. If you cancel the day before the tour, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged and if you cancel on the day of the tour then the full cost of the tour will be charged.

・In case we have to cancel the tour due to unexpected reasons (weather, trail conditions, etc.), we will contact you by 5:00pm on the day before the tour. Please check your email or phone frequently on that day.

Asiatic Black Bear Watching Tour

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